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Schema therapy online. In some cases, the psychologist may give advice online. Therapy takes place via skype, gg, e-mails. This mainly applies to people who, for various reasons in life, can not attend the session directly. They live in small towns, stay abroad, have difficulty with commuting because of costs or disability. For such patients, online psychotherapy can be a good solution.
Can an online psychologist be effective?
My experience shows that yes. After all, even bibliotherapy (reading books about coping with our problem) can help.
How much more effective is conversation with a specialist who will individually consider our problem and identify appropriate solutions? We do the same in everyday life – we go with some problems to our relatives in person, and with some we call or write.
Below is a link to an article on the effectiveness of online psychotherapy, written on the basis of research by scientists from the University of Zurich (article in English):

Currently, technology is already at such a level that a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone and internet access is enough, to have a session with a camera and sound. The camera is an extra help because it allows you to observe each other’s emotional reactions.

One of the most important factors in psychotherapy is the therapeutic relationship. Personal contact is very important in such situations. Therefore, if there is such a possibility, I ask my „patients online” for appearing in the sessions in person,
when, for example, they are visiting Poland. This is especially important when moving very personal and deeply rooted patterns.
I think that the therapeutic approaches that I use – cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, schema therapy and solution-focused therapy, are suitable for conducting such meetings. The therapeutic setting (rules for conducting the session) are not as restrictive as in psychoanalysis, for example.

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schema therapy online